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The company

The Nordcapital Group is one of the leading asset managers of tangible assets for private and institutional investors in Germany.

Nordcapital structures and manages investments focused on shipping, real estate, alternative assets (forestry and solar energy) and fund-of-funds (private equity, energy, secondaries).

Its experienced investment teams have in-depth market expertise, enabling them to take a view on future developments, and access to relevant market participants. Nordcapital is thus able to guarantee professional asset management over the entire lifetime of the funds.

Since it was established in 1992 Nordcapital has been responsible for a total investment volume of some €6.8 billion. Around 63,000 investors had invested equity exceeding €3 billion in 140 Nordcapital funds.

In addition to the investments initiated in-house, since 2014 the company has also successfully taken over the management of various funds originally raised by third-party issuing houses.

The strength and the success of Nordcapital are based on its specialised centres of excellence, where the company pools the knowledge across different asset classes accumulated over many years.

Company structure
Three operational units are combined under the roof of Nordcapital: Asset Management, Nordcapital Treuhand and Nordcapital Emissionshaus.




Nordcapital Asset Management
This unit currently manages 63 funds with 67 investments and a total investment volume of € 3,711 million, including agio (as of 31.12.2017).

Shipping is Nordcapital's largest business. Since 1992 the Group has issued a total of 100 shipping funds with 122 container ships, bulkers and offshore vessels and an investment volume of some €5.3 billion.

A highly qualified team of experienced employees is in charge of the real estate business. Investments totalling €752 million have been made in the Netherlands, Britain, the USA and Germany. In addition, Nordcapital has taken over the management of twelve property funds raised by third parties, including eleven set up by Hesse Newman Capital AG, a specialist for German real estate funds.

Today the focus of the Group's real estate activities is the management of long-term property investments in Germany and the Netherlands. Including the funds initiated by third parties the portfolio consists of 17 properties in Germany and the Benelux. Thereof 7 properties in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Meersburg, Munich and Nuremberg are currently under management. Eight funds raised by Nordcapital hold one or more office properties in the Netherlands: in Apeldoorn, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Hoofddorp, Rotterdam and Weert. Since early 2015 the company also manages a real estate fund with one property in Brussels, Belgium.

As of 31 December 2017 the total rental space under management comes to some 280,000 m². An investment volume of €934 million is currently under management.

The alternative assets segment focuses on renewable energies. Its team of experts is responsible for the management of two solar energy and two forestry investments, with a total investment volume of €266 million.

The Nordcapital Solarfonds 1 was launched in 2010 with an investment volume of roughly €157 million and operates a solar park with a capacity of some 51 MWp near Straßkirchen, Bavaria. This means the park is still one of the biggest PV power plants in Germany.

Another solar fund with a volume of €6.7 million has been invested as part of a 24% partnership interest acquired in four PV power plants that have already been completed in south Germany (31 MWp in total).

In addition, Nordcapital manages extensive forestry investments with an investment volume of €101 million.

They consist of 11 areas of mixed woodland covering some 17,000 hectares in Romania. The focus is on the sustainable and ecologically responsible management of the forests and on long-term capital appreciation.

Great expertise has been developed in the country since 2008. Nordcapital works closely with experienced local partners specialised in forestry management in Romania.

Private equity, energy and secondaries funds are pooled in the fund-of-funds business. Now that the investment phase has been completed at all funds, this unit now focuses on the professional monitoring of the fund investments.

Private equity
Equity totalling some €200 million was invested in a total of nine Nordcapital private equity funds-of-funds. Currently €126 million in equity is still invested in the four active funds-of-funds. The focus is on buyout investments in Europe, USA and Asia. The strategy of the 19 portfolio funds (as of December 2017) is to acquire majority stakes in mature companies in the context of buyout transactions. Operational and strategic steps are taken to develop these portfolio companies with the aim of increasing their enterprise value at the time the investment is sold and maximising the return to investors.

Many companies have been sold over the past three years thanks to the positive market environment, which has enabled the funds-of-funds to make substantial distributions to their investors.

Energy supplies
A total of €34 million was invested in energy supplies via three funds. The funds were liquidated in 2016 and 2017.

Secondary market
Nordcapital has raised nine secondaries funds for ship investments, with an investment volume of €271 million. They have enabled investors to gain exposure to a broadly diversified shipping portfolio.
Two funds raised by Hesse Newman Capital AG were taken under management in early 2015: one other secondary shipping fund and a secondary real estate fund.

Nordcapital Treuhand
Nordcapital Treuhand coordinates communications between investors and the fund management companies. It has three departments: investor relations, taxes and share transfers. The unit currently supports some 63,000 investors and sees its role not only as a provider of classical fiduciary services, but also of advice for optimising investments during the lifetime of the fund, from the investors' tax perspective for example.

Nordcapital Emissionshaus
Since it was established in 1992 Nordcapital Emissionshaus has issued 140 closed-end funds with a wide range of legal and tax structures. Equity of €3.1 billion was successfully raised for these funds from private and institutional investors.


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