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Board of Managing Directors

CEO of Nordcapital Group

Felix von Buchwaldt

Felix von Buchwaldt has been working at Nordcapital since 1999 and, during that time, has held positions of responsibility in the areas of financing, managerial accounting, sales, and business development. As the executive director of Nordcapital Shipping since 2008, he has managed the areas of acquisition and development of ship projects as well as the design of ship funds.

Previously, the trained shipping merchant and graduate in business administration worked at the German shipping line MACS and as a ship broker at the Hamburg company Stratos.

Managing Director Nordcapital Alternative Assets

Florian Wagner

Florian Wagner has worked in the Real Estate division of the Nordcapital Group since 2003. Since October 2007 he has been responsible for the Group’s property business and the new alternative investments business as managing director. In addition, he became managing director of Nordcapital Externe Fondsmanagement in autumn 2013.

After completing a banking apprenticeship at Sparkasse Freiburg, Florian Wagner studied business in Kiel and Hamilton, Canada. After obtaining his degree he worked at Bankhaus Wölbern where he gained real estate expertise and was responsible for structuring, selecting and costing funds. He also gained experience of buying international property as acquisition manager at DB Real Estate, later RREEF (Deutsche Bank Group).

Managing Director Nordcapital Shipping

Peter Schröder

Peter Schröder joined Nordcapital in 1999, initially active in management accounting for the shipping fund’s investments as well as fund design. In 2001 he took on the position of authorized representative of the group’s holding company, and in 2008 of Nordcapital GmbH. He has been managing director of Nordcapital Shipping since November 2012. In addition, he is also managing director of many shipping funds initiated by E.R. Schiffahrt as well as Nordcapital’s secondary market funds.

After studying mathematics at the University of Hanover, he began his career in management accounting for the Hamburg Süd shipping line.

Managing Director Nordcapital Shipping

Jochen Kühn

Jochen Kühn joined Nordcapital in 2000. He was initially responsible for investment controlling and reporting for shipping funds. From 2003 onwards, he also served as managing director of various Nordcapital shipping funds initiated in cooperation with affiliate E.R. Schiffahrt and third-party shipping companies. He became managing director of Nordcapital Shipping in March 2008.

Jochen Kühn began his career at the shipping line Hamburg Süd, where he worked in various controlling and management departments.

Managing Director Nordcapital Treuhand

Torsten Schröder

Torsten Schröder has been with Nordcapital since October 2003 and built up the tax department, which he led until 2007. Since October 2007 he has been managing director of Nordcapital Treuhand and responsible for around 60,000 clients.

After completing an apprenticeship in banking at Hamburger Sparkasse, Schröder studied finance at the University for Public Administration. He began his career in the finance department of Hamburg city council, where he specialised in the taxation of closed-end ship funds.

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