Nordcapital - Shipping


Networking regions, enabling globalisation

Given the family background of Nordcapital’s founder Erck Rickmers, it is no surprise that Shipping is by far the largest business division at Nordcapital. The focus is on container and dry bulk shipping as well as the offshore sector.

Globalisation and a growing world population require a global network of logistics systems and are fuelling ever-increasing demand for efficient means of transport. Within this global network, more than 95% of all goods are currently transported by sea. Consequently the shipping industry is closely interlinked with the development of world trade and the accelerating demand for raw materials from emerging countries.

Nordcapital Shipping is responsible for:

  • project development
  • structuring
  • investment controlling and
  • reporting

relating to all closed-end shipping funds initiated by Nordcapital.

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