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Renewable Energy

A growing world in flux

Renewable energies play an important role in modern climate and energy policy. In March 2007 the European Council under the German presidency voted to increase renewable energy as a proportion of European power generation to 20% by 2020.

Nordcapital began developing its renewable energy and sustainable investment business systematically back in 2006. Nordcapital solar funds and Nordcapital forest funds give investors the opportunity to gain exposure to this growth market.

Photovoltaics – an energy source of the future
Since 2007 the photovoltaics industry has become an important economic sector, particularly in Germany. The simple principle of transforming the sun’s rays directly into electrical energy by means of solar cells is one of the most successful ways of using renewable sources of energy. The sun’s energy is not only environmentally friendly and free but for practical purposes also unlimited.

Investors in Nordcapital solar funds invest in modern solar parks and thereby profit from stable long-term income from environmentally friendly power generation.

Timber – a raw material in demand worldwide
In recent years institutional investors have recognised forests and land as an increasingly scarce, non-replicable resource and made it a firm fixture in their professional asset management portfolios.

Timber is a source of energy and a renewable resource which is enjoying a long-term rise in demand. Forests are real assets and were previously owned mainly by the aristocracy and landed gentry or the public sector. Back in the early 18th century Hannß Carl von Carlowitz, the pioneer of sustainable forestry, recognised the value of a well-managed forest as natural capital.

The Nordcapital forest funds invest in densely wooded forests in Romania with considerable potential for capital appreciation.

Forests – a high-growth investment
Today, investments in forests are seen as stable components of a well-diversified asset portfolio thanks to their considerable potential for capital appreciation, low volatility and low correlation with financial markets.

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